Qualification procedure

  • Documentation by the Candidate of qualifications acquired in practice in the field of comprehensive management in the construction industry in market economy conditions.
  • Completion of the Membership Application form by the Candidate in the manner specified in detail in the instructions attached thereto (the Application should be sent to the address of the Association).
  • Analysis of the Application by the PABM Accreditation and Certification Committee - whether the Candidate meets the established qualification criteria (on this basis, a decision will be made on meeting or not meeting these criteria).
  • Inviting the Candidate - in the case of a positive assessment - to an interview with members of the Committee.
  • Accepting the Candidate as a member of the Association with a specific specialty and category. (The Candidate will be notified in writing about obtaining membership in PABM).
  • Obtaining a certificate at the appropriate level of PABM membership, recognized by CIOB and honored in the European Union countries.
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