Benefits of membership in the Association  

  • Uzyskanie certyfikatu uznawanego przez AEEBC oraz honorowanego w krajach Unii Europejskiej, atut przy poszukiwaniu zatrudnienia w kraju, na podstawie potwierdzonego zakresu i poziomu kwalifikacji.
  • Possibility of professional advancement, thanks to the confirmation of a specific category of managerial professional qualifications, both in the workplace and in European Union countries.
  • An important element of the manager's credibility in relation to competition on the construction market.
  • Motivation to improve one's own qualifications.
  • Participation in the national and international activities of the Association in the field of entrepreneurship development and competitiveness of the Polish construction potential.

PSMB certificate

Nasz Certyfikat uznawany jest przez AEEBC

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