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    Number of the Project:2019-1-PL01-KA202-065001

    01.12.2019 – 30.11.2021


    Korporacja RADEX S.A., PL


    Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej Politechnika Warszawska, PL

    Technische Universität Darmstadt, DE

    Polskie Stowarzyszenie Menedżerów Budownictwa, PL

    University of Granada, ES

    Universitat de VALENCIA, ES







    The ARSC – Augmented Reality for Stone Cladding Safe Assembling Operation stems from the need of prevention of accidents on construction sites. Falls from height are the most common causes of serious accidents, often fatal, not only in Poland but throughout Europe. There is a great need of increasing Health & Safety level. The objective of the project is to decrease accident rate during construction of tall buildings, especially during stone cladding works. To achieve that goal training system containing manual and Augmented Reality (AR) software will be prepared. It will help fitters and engineers to access all needed information on H&S and gain knowledge on stone cladding technology.

    Modern training system will use Augmented Reality, which is being constantly improved by most influential companies all over the world. Being used, among others, in trainings for pilots, F1 drivers and military personnel, it is safe to say, that AR is the future of high-quality work-based VET.
    The target group and potential beneficiaries of the project are: construction engineers, students and construction workers, SMEs, and technical universities.
    Foreseen manual, training system and augmented reality software will contain best practices from different European countries in the field of stone cladding assembly and series of exercises for users.


    • O1: Map of basic skills of stone cladding fitters
    • O2: Report on stone cladding technology and costs
    • O3: Manual on health and safety, and procedures of stone cladding assembly
    • O4: Augmented Reality software for stone cladding assembly (selected procedures)
    • O5: Development of Training System


    08.09.2021    Oferta zatrudnienia
    15.02.2021    Etos pracy w budownictwie


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